Terms of Logistics

1. Distribution scope and freight

Distribution range of Singapore, free of freight

2. Delivery time

After placing the order successfully, we will allocate the goods according to the order sequence. The distribution cycle is about 3 working days; No specified delivery time, Delivery service is available on Saturdays, and national holidays.

3. Arrival time

The arrival time is about 7 working days after placing an order.

4. Signing and receiving instructions

When placing an order, please try to leave the address and contact number that you can sign for.

Please inspect the goods on the spot when you receive them. Check whether the outer packing is in good condition, whether the product type and quantity consistent with the order details, whether the list of shopping is complete. Do not allowed to open the the mobile phone package to check before signing. If the seal is broken or torn, you have the right to reject.

But for seal intact, there are abnormal conditions such as material shortage after opening the package. Please contact Memolala 24-hour online customer service and keep the package as it is.

In the case that you cannot sign for it personally, please entrust others to sign for it and operate strictly in accordance with the second item. The Courier is only responsible for delivering the goods to the address specified in the Courier bill. The address can be signed by anyone such as the counter and is not guaranteed to be delivered to the designated person.

Due to risk considerations, you cannot change the address and telephone number of your order after confirmation of purchase. Please be sure to fill in the correct address and phone number when placing an order. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

From now on, the delayed orders that cannot be delivered due to insufficient information will be kept by the distributor for 5 days. We will notify the user by email. Please reply to the email or contact the customer service staff. If the order cannot be replied by customers within 5 days, we will arrange the return to the warehouse and refund. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

5. Return and refund

a) If the goods you ordered are defective, you can ask for a full refund.

b) Return and refund methods and conditions, depend on the product sales webpage and the related webpage in the order process.

c) For the returned goods, you must maintain the integrity of all goods, gifts, attachments, packaging, all attached documents or information at the time of shipment. If there is an invoice, it should be returned together with the item. And sign the documents required by the relevant laws and regulations, such as debit note; Otherwise, Memolala will reject your return and refund request.

d) You understand and agree, If you require return or replacement, Or we are unable to accept all or part of your orders, Or a contract is dissolved or invalidated for some reason. When handling refund matters for you, we need to deal with the documents required by the relevant laws such as invoice or debit note on your behalf.

6. Frequently asked questions about distribution

Q1: can you specify the delivery time when you place an order?

A1: according to the "shipping company" in the shipping information of the order, for different delivery times. For NV, optional, specified time period delivery excluding Sunday.

Q2: how to complain about delivery personnel?

A2: according to the "transportation company" in the shipping information of the order, customers can contact the local service hotline of NV.

Q3: how long will the delivery take?

A3: under normal circumstances, the order can be delivered within 7 working days from the date of delivery (excluding Sunday).

Q4: what should we pay attention to when we sign for inspection?

A4: please make sure the outer packing is in good condition. The addressee can reject the goods with broken outer packing.

Q5: do I need to provide certificates when I receive the goods?

A5: No. NV couriers are only responsible for delivering goods to a specific address on the bill  that anyone can sign for ,such as the counter. There is no guarantee of delivery to the designated person.

Q6: what should I do if someone else signs for it?

A6: in this case, please contact the Courier company according to the "shipping company" in the shipping information of the order. Please contact the NV local service hotline.

Q7: How to check the distribution status of cooperative manufacturers?

A7: please refer to the "transportation company" in the shipping information of the order and the corresponding express company.

If you are confused about the specific terms and delivery, please contact us by email  sgservice@mall-red.com. Our customer service staff will reply to you online 24 hours a day.

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